Services We Provide:

Orchard Irrigation offers a variety of services for new and existing sprinkler and irrigation systems:

Orchard Irrigation performs complete installations.

We offer full system service and maintenance, from spring turn-on to winterization. We have fully-trained and qualified staff to maintain, diagnose, and repair any problems your sprinkler system may have. We use only the highest-quality parts, and we are happy to continue working on systems we installed or ensure that your existing sprinkler and irrigation system is working for your property in the best way possible.

Whether a first-time customer or a long-time customer, all of our customers can be assured that they will get the same commitment of professional quality and service.


    Orchard Irrigation will custom-design an irrigation system to your property’s needs. We install systems on existing landscapes and new construction. From concept to completion, we design the system to meet your particular watering needs. We work hand-in-hand with homeowners, the landscapers, designers, and contractors. Our technicians are trained to recognize the different requirements that different lawns and landscapes need. When we design and install a new system, we take into account factors such as soil type, sunlight or shade conditions, terrain, hardscape, (driveways, patios, decks), water needs of current and future plants, and water pressure and water source.


    We can update and remodel your existing system to accommodate any new renovations to your property or gardens, or to improve the health of your lawn and the efficiency of your irrigation system. We work hand-in-hand with homeowners, the landscapers, designers, and contractors.


    Drip Irrigation is ideal for watering your shrubs, flower beds, vegetable gardens, pots, urns, hanging baskets and greenhouses. Drip irrigation is environmentally sensitive irrigation: it conserves water and wastes less in hydrating your plants.


    Proper maintenance of your irrigation system is critical for water conservation, efficient operation, and most importantly, the health and beauty of your plants.

    Orchard Irrigation offers three different options of maintenance plans to assure that your property’s irrigation needs will be met.

    All maintenance plan subscribers receive a 10% discount on all repairs.


    Winterization is necessary to prevent costly repairs. Compressed air is blown through the system, which removes water. This prevents water from remaining and freezing, where it could damage the system before the next spring.


    Dock lines, pond fills, rain sensors, tennis courts, and more, suited to your property’s needs and the homeowner’s vision.


    Orchard Irrigation performs installations and maintenance on all kinds of properties, including homes, condominium complexes, and lawns and landscapes in business spaces.


    We will turn on the water and evaluate the entire system. This consists of checking all the heads and lines for leaks. We will adjust sprinkler heads to best provide coverage for the different plants and areas of your property. If any minor repairs are needed, we will take care of them at the time of service.

    The controller will be programmed for the proper amount of watering times for your property, for that season. Finally, we will check to make sure the zones and controller are electronically in sync, allowing for the proper sequence in watering.

  • Designing or Renovating Systems

    Long Island has various forms of terrain that must be considered. When we install or renovate sprinkler systems, we are very aware of the factors which will affects its performance. From the Hamptons to Montauk, special attention must be paid to whether the landscape primarily lies over clay, sand, silt or gravel. Ocean front properties such as those in Amagansett, East Hampton and Wainscott will have different needs than those properties high on a bluff in Northaven and Sag Harbor.

    When we design a new irrigation system, or renovate an existing system, we take into account:

    • Soil type
    • Sunlight or shade conditions
    • Terrain
    • Hardscape (driveways, patios decks)
    • Water needs of various plants, both existing and those to be planted.
    • Water pressure and water source.

    Repairs Include:

    • Water main and line repairs
    • Head replacement
    • Electrical troubleshooting
    • Controller programming
    • Cleaning or replacing valves
    • Changing nozzles in heads
    • Replacing Rain sensor

    Orchard Irrigation uses only high quality products from Hunter™ and Toro and Netafim.
    We can install Vu-flo filters for use in irrigation system which run off wells. Residents in towns such as East Hampton and Sag Harbor may experience problems with the valves due to high iron and sediment in the water. By installing filters, this can eliminate many of the problems and save on costly repairs.